The Funko Pop Vinyl Figures Catalog

Browse complete lists of Funko Pop! toy sets. Find a new pop figure to add to your collection.*

Whether you’re just starting your collection or a seasoned collector of Funko POPs, it can be a challenge to find a simple visual catalog online. With this in mind, the SwiftFind team have risen to the challenge and begun creating full checklists of Funko Pop! figures. Collections will be largely organised in ascending numerical order, so the oldest (and often rarest) figures appear at the top of the page and the newest arrivals appear at the bottom.

By clicking on a Pop figure you’ll find quick links to where you can purchase them, including some to rare sought-after exclusives. Feel free to add a comment, tell us about your collection, tell us if we’ve missed a rare figure, or want to suggest a new list for us to complete.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy!

*More sets will be added very soon. Don’t forget to bookmark this page!

Funko POP Figure Sets

Learn more about Funko Pops

Funko Pop Inc. is an American company that have been producing vinyl figure toys since 1998. With their unique design style and cute form factor, it has made them incredibly popular across the world.

A standard Funko Pop figure is approx. 9cm tall (3.75 inches) although some exclusive special edition Pops can be as large as 45cm (18 inches tall!). The singular articulating feature is the head. Some figures can be in bobblehead form with a spring underneath the head making it bobble and shake when you touch it. Star Wars Funko Pop figures uniquely all come with a base stand as well.

With their huge popularity, Funko have been able to gain licences to produce Pop figures in practically all areas of culture. There are Pop figures representing film and TV characters, sport stars, musicians, politicians, artists, computer game characters and even Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain! Some Pop figures are so rare and sought-after by collectors that they’ve sold for hundreds of dollars. Other Pops can be picked up for less than $5.

Please take a look around at our growing catalog and maybe you might find a Funko Pop to start, or add to, your collection. 😀