Edifier R1700BT Active Powered Bluetooth Speakers
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Edifier R1700BT Active Powered Bluetooth Speakers Review

The Swift Summary



  • Powered Active Speakers (no need for a separate amplifier)
  • Connect to audio source via Bluetooth or wired (RCA)
  • Speakers angled upwards slightly
  • Bass and treble control dials
  • Remote control included
  • A great turntable companion
  • Excellent value for money
  • Remote is a little cheap feeling
  • On/off indicator light could be better placed?

Features list for the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Speakers

  • Compact bookshelf style stereo speakers
  • Solid wooden shell to reduce unwanted resonance
  • Active powered speakers
  • Dual RCA inputs (connect to multiple audio sources)
  • Plus wireless Bluetooth pairing
  • Remote control included
  • 4-pin speaker-to-speaker wire included
  • Bass and treble dial controls
  • Volume dial
  • On/off indicator light
  • Removable speaker covers
  • Speakers are angled upwards at a 10° angle
  • Available in different finishes

Swift Thoughts


Firstly, the product pictures really don’t do these speakers justice. The Edifier R1700BT’s are a great looking pair of stereo speakers. I’ve tested the Black versions and they look superb. The black finish has a subtle wood grain pattern that looks a lot better than matte or gloss painted finishes, in my opinion.

The angle of the front panel is subtle and the dial controls on the master speaker have a traditional robust look with chrome detailing.

I really like the angular design twist on the traditional bookshelf style speaker. Overall a really nice job.

Audio Performance

In my opinion you’ll be hard pushed to find a better pair of speakers for this price, especially given the connectivity features included. The audio is full bodied and rich throughout both the highs and lows. There is zero distortion even at higher volumes and with 66 watts of power, that’s enough to fill any large domestic sized room.

I connected the R1700BTs to my Audio Technica AT-LP3 turntable and the combo felt like they were meant to be together. If you’re looking for a simple, low cost set up (without needing a separate amp) with great sound and quality components, I can’t recommend this pairing highly enough.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Edifier 1700 BT speakers is very good. I was especially satisfied with the solid wooden casing plus the firmness and tactility of the bass, treble and volume dials.

The addition of an extra long 5 metre speaker-to-speaker cable is great as you don’t need to worry about connecting bare wires. You can easily separate your left and right speakers around your sofa if you wish.


One of the useful features of the R1700BTs is the flexibility to connect to multiple audio sources. Using the remote control you can switch between sources. There are two wired options, AUX IN and PC IN which use regular RCA inputs (dual red and white connectors), plus there’s the wireless Bluetooth option.

I found the Bluetooth pairing easy and intuitive. Just press the Bluetooth source button on the remote and pair to the speakers in the usual way from your external device. You can easily then switch back to wired mode using the remote.

If I’m being picky the remote does feel a little cheap, but if you just plan on using the speakers wired to a hi-fi, turntable, TV or computer then you won’t ever need the remote. There is an on/off button on the back of the master speaker as well as the aforementioned volume, bass and treble dials.

Swift Scores

Audio Performance
Features & Flexibility
Build Quality
Value for money


Q: How long is the speaker connecting cable?
A: The inter-connecting 4-pin speaker cable supplied is approx. 5 metres long. (16.4 feet)

Q: What can I plug the speakers into?
A: Almost anything! The R1700BTs come with an RCA to 3.5mm audio jack cable converter. So you can connect the speakers to computers, TVs, Hi-Fi’s, turntables, Amplifiers, Tablets, Laptops, Mobile Phones etc.

Q: Are the speakers compatible with the AT-LP3 turntable?
A: Yes. It will connect with any turntable with RCA output cables (the ones with dual red and white single pin connectors). So they will also connect to the similarly popular AT-LP60 and AT-LP120 record players.

Q: Do the speakers automatically select the sound source if two devices are connected?
A: No. Audio source selection is via a button on the remote.

Q: How big are the individual speakers inside?
A: Each of the Edifier R1700BT speakers have a 4 inch (116mm) subwoofer and a 19mm tweeter.

Q: Is the bass good on these speakers?
A: Excellent!

Q: What are the exact dimensions of the R1700BT speakers?
A: Each speakers is: 250mm tall (9.8 inches) x 155mm wide (6.1 inches) x 212mm deep (8.3 inches).

Q: The sound is too quiet when I plug them into my turntable?
A: Your turntable needs to have a ‘pre-amp’ built in and the output switched to ‘line’ not ‘phono’.

Q: Is the shape of the maple (wood) speakers different to the black versions?
A: They are exactly the same. The product images are just a little deceiving.

Q: Are they suitable for gaming?
A: Yes and no. I’d recommend connecting to them via wire, not Bluetooth.

Q: Can I disconnect Bluetooth using the dials on the side of the speaker?
A: Yes!. Just press and hold the volume dial.

Q: Do I need an amp when connecting these speaker to my turntable?
A: No, if your turntable has a ‘pre-amp’ built-in. Yes, if not.

What’s in the box?

  • Edifier R1700BT Active Powered Bluetooth Speakers (2.0)
  • Power cable (with plug)
  • Remote control
  • Dual RCA to Dual RCA audio cable
  • Dual RCA to 3.5mm audio cable
  • 5 metre 4-pin speaker-to-speaker connecting cable
  • User manual

You want it? We’ve found it.

Edifier R1700BT speakers are available in 3 colours: black wood finish, wood finish and gloss white

Edifier R1700BT Active Powered Bookshelf Speakers - Black
Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Speakers – Black
Edifier R1700BT Active Powered Bookshelf Speakers - White
Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Speakers – White
Edifier R1700BT Active Powered Bookshelf Speakers - Wood
Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Speakers – Wood Finish

Tech Talk

What’s the difference between passive and active speakers?

This topic is one of those grey areas that a lot of consumers don’t know enough about and really needs to be understood before purchasing a hi-fi set-up. In response, we’ve compiled a quick simple-to-understand comparison guide.

Passive Speakers

  • Passive speakers don’t plug straight into your plug socket. They are powered through the device they are connected to.
  • Secondly, they don’t have any amplification built inside and rely on connecting to a device with amplification.
  • Passive speakers will always need to be plugged into a Hi-Fi amplifier or a device with an amplifier built-in. This is not the same as a ‘pre-amp’.
  • Passive speakers tend to connect to other equipment using traditional bare wire cables or ones with ‘banana’ type connectors.

Active (Powered) Speakers

  • Active speakers plug straight into your plug socket.
  • They have amplification built-in.
  • They can connect directly to an audio source without needing a separate amplifier (eg. when connecting to a turntable).
  • Turntables and other hi-fi equipment will need a ‘pre-amp’ built-in to connect directly to active speakers. This raises the base output from what is called ‘phono’ to ‘line in’.
  • Active speakers tend to connect to devices using RCA cables (dual red and white single pin connectors).
  • Active speakers tend to be more expensive as they need more complex electronic components.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning that stereo speakers, like the Edifier R1700BTs reviewed above, are technically made up of one active speaker and one passive speaker. Only one speaker plugs into your power outlet and is called the ‘master’ speaker. This master (active) speaker powers the passive one, but essentially you can think of them as a pair of active speakers when making your purchase decisions.

I hope this helps. 🙂